What is Favebiz?

FaveBiz is an all-in-one business dashboard for Fave partners to monitor their transactions and sales performance. FaveBiz is available in both Mobile and Website Versions.

  • Mobile: Download “FaveBiz” apps from App Store / Google Store 

  • Website: www.favebiz.com

What are the features of FaveBiz?

FaveBiz is available in both Manager and Staff Mode. With FaveBiz, you can access and view: 

  • Active deals and redeemed vouchers

  • Favepay successful transactions by outlet level

  • Reports on sales, revenue, and redemptions

  • Data and reviews

  • Statement of accounts

  • Fave Insight

  • Marketing tools

What is the difference between Manager Mode and Staff Mode?

Manager Mode

Staff Mode

  • View your sales summary, reports, and statements
  • View and activate a suite of merchant services to grow your business
  • Track your daily revenue and administrate  transaction cancellations
  • Create announcements
  • View and reply to customers reviews
  • Only has access to real-time redemption and transaction reports
  • Verify transaction & redemption 
  • Cancellation for FavePay Transaction

How to login FaveBiz?

  • Manager Mode: You will need to log in with your email or mobile phone. 

  • Staff Mode: You will need to log in with the unique Partner Code.