All our vouchers are redeemed via the mobile app. Please do not ask customers for printed vouchers. Currently, we offer three redemption methods:

1. Swipe to Redeem

This is our most common redemption method since it is convenient for real-time voucher redemption. With this method, the customer purchases the offer, informs the partner about the purchase via reservation or walk-in, and then swipes the voucher in front of the partner to redeem. The partner will then receive an email notification or track it on their Favebiz Staff mode.

2. Voucher Code redemption method

Similar to the Swipe to Redeem method, the Voucher Code method is commonly used for travel deals and online deals. Here, the customer swipes the voucher to view the redemption code and makes a booking with the partner with his/her personal details and the Voucher Code. The partner will then redeem the offer using FaveBiz Staff Mode and a confirmation email will be sent. Online deals may ask the customer to redeem their voucher by writing down the Voucher Code under the Promo code section before checkout.

3. Swipe to Redeem + Voucher code

This redemption method combines the ‘Swipe to Redeem’ and ‘Voucher Code’ redemption methods. Here, after purchasing the voucher, the customer will be asked to ‘Swipe to Redeem’. After swiping, a Voucher Code will appear on the customer’s screen, and the customer must input the Voucher Code into the Partner’s platform as per instructions provided. Meanwhile, for the partner, once the voucher is swiped, it will be considered as redeemed in FaveBiz. The partner will receive a notification via email. The Voucher Code will act as any other promo code on the partner’s platform.