Here's what you should do if this happens:

  1. Let the customer know that their voucher has expired and you are not able to provide the service.
  2. If you only became aware of the voucher expiry after providing the service, note down their receipt ID and Date of redemption and take a screenshot of the customers’ receipt screen.
  3. Contact your Partner Manager as soon as possible and provide them with the information above. Your Partner Manager will verify the information provided and make an On-Top-Payment.*

*We can only make an On-Top-Payment if the voucher has expired less than 7 days.

If the customer is insisting on redemption, please direct them to contact our Customer Happiness team via live chat in the Fave App.

Steps to contact Customer Happiness:
Ask the customer to open the Fave app, simply click on Me > Help Centre > and “Talk to us” to initiate a live chat! Our agents will assist you from there.