The Statement of Account for FaveDeals is a statement that indicated the number of successful redemptions and cancelled vouchers. You will also receive a Fave Deal Detail file which contains information of redeemed vouchers such as your total revenue, receipt ID, voucher code, deal name, outlet and date redeemed voucher was redeemed on.

Total revenue is calculated as below:

Revenue = Support Fee x Quantity

While the Statement of Account for FavePay is a statement that contains information such as outlet name, your total revenue, number of transactions, and cashback summary. You will also receive a FavePay Excel report detailing the bill amount, merchant cashback used, timestamp, Fave fees, and more for each individual transaction.

If you are a FaveDeal and FavePay partner you will receive one SOA, one Fave Deals Detail report and one Favepay Excel report.

The SOA will be sent according to the agreed-upon payment cadence. The default payment cadence for most partners is weekly payments.