The redemption period is the amount of time during which a voucher is valid and can be redeemed. Each deal could vary in the validity days (from 7 up to 365 days, depending on your deal and category).

Example the validity for the deal is 60 days. If a customer purchased a voucher on 14 Apr 2021, the redemption period for a customer's purchased voucher will be from 14 Apr - 13 Jun 2021.

Customer will need to utilize and redeem the voucher based on the last day of their voucher validity days as stated or the redemption end date (whichever comes first).

Example of the voucher with 60 days validity period, but the redemption end date signed on the contract is till 23 Apr 2021 only.

For the deal above, the redemption end date is 23 Apr 2021 in the contract. Customer purchase the deal on 13 Apr 2021, the deal will still be valid for redemption until 23 Apr 2021 only even with 60 days validity period because the redemption end date comes first. 

Kindly note redemption end date as stated in your contract will override the validity period. 

How long is the redemption period for each voucher?

In general, most Food and Beverage, Beauty, Activities, and Services deals are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase, while most Travel deals are valid for 200 days from the date of purchase or until the end of the Booking Period, whichever is earlier.


However this is subject to discussion between you and your Business Development Manager and could vary from one deal to another.


The redemption period is automatically updated in each voucher to reflect the redemption start date and redemption end date based on the date of purchase.