Cashback rate is the percentage of cashback that you are giving to customers for every transaction. Cashback will be issued based on customer’s payable amount. 

Sample Calculation below:

Customer VisitFirst visit
Second visit
Bill Amount$100
Merchant Cashback Used-$10 (from first transaction recorded under Merchant Cashback Issues)
eCard Credits Used
Payable Amount (Bill Amount - Merchant Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used)$100$90
Merchant Cashback Issued (10% x Payable Amount)$10$9
Fave Fees (1% x Payable Amount)$1$0.9
GST / SST on Fave Fees (7% (SG) or 6% (MY) x Fave Fees)$0.07 (assume GST = 7%)$0.063 (assume GST = 7%)
Merchant Takeback$88.93$90.04