What is Fave Fee?

The Fave fee is a percentage charged by Fave for every transaction [subject to contract]

How is Fave Fee calculated?

It is charged based on the customer's Payable Amount. There is also GST (7% for SG merchants) or SST (6% for MY merchants) charged on the Fave Fees.

Fave Fees =  X % x (Bill Amount - Merchant Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used)

GST / SST on Fave Fees = % x Fave Fees

Sample Calculation with 10% Cashback and 1% Fave Fees: 

Customer VisitFirst visit
Second visit
Bill Amount$100
Merchant Cashback Used-$10 (from the first transaction recorded under Merchant Cashback Issued)
eCard Credits Used
Payable Amount (Bill Amount - Merchant Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used - Fave Credits)$100$90
Merchant Cashback Issued (10% x Payable Amount)$10$9
Fave Fees (1%** x (Bill Amount - Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used))$1$0.9
GST / SST on Fave Fees (7% (SG) or 6% (MY) x Fave Fees)$0.07 (assume GST = 7%)$0.063 (assume GST = 7%)
Merchant Takeback$88.93$90.04

* Fave Fees will vary from Malaysia & Singapore.

* If cashback rate is / more than 10%, Fave Fees will flat at 1% for both Malaysia and Singapore. Otherwise, for cashback rate less than 10%, Fave fees rate as below [subject to contract]:

Singaporeflag: Singapore: 1.8%
Malaysia  flag: Malaysia: 1.5%