You will receive the payment for all FavePay Transactions made based on your cadence after the deduction. The payment received based on your payment cadence is called Merchant Takeback and the calculation as follows.

Merchant’s takeback = Bill Amount - (eCards Credits Used (if any) - Merchant Cashback Issued - Fave Fees - GST/SST on Fave Fees)

Sample Calculation with 10% Cashback and 1% Fave Fees** below: 

Customer VisitFirst visit
Second visit
Bill Amount$100
Merchant Cashback Used-$10 (from the first transaction recorded under Merchant Cashback Issued)
eCard Credits Used
Payable Amount (Bill Amount - Merchant Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used - Fave Credits)$100$90
Merchant Cashback Issued (10% x Payable Amount)$10$9
Fave Fees (1%**x (Bill Amount - Cashback Utilised - eCard Credits Used))$1$0.9
GST / SST on Fave Fees (7% (SG) or 6% (MY) x Fave Fees)$0.07 (assume GST = 7%)$0.063 (assume GST = 7%)
Merchant Takeback$88.93$90.04

* Fave Fees will vary from Malaysia & Singapore.

* If cashback rate is / more than 10%, Fave Fees will flat at 1% for both Malaysia and Singapore. Otherwise, for cashback rate less than 10%, Fave fees rate as below [subject to contract]:

Singaporeflag: Singapore: 1.8%
Malaysia  flag: Malaysia: 1.5%