What is Fave QR code? 
Fave QR code is a unique QR code that directs Fave users to make payment to your outlet. Each outlet is given a unique QR code that directs the customer straight to the payment page.

All businesses that sign up for FavePay will receive a Starter Kit with marketing materials includes a QR code standee, glass sticker, wobbler, etc.  

Do I have to display the unique outlet QR code? 

Yes, the unique outlet QR code must be displayed at the cashier. Once scanned, this QR code allows customers to be automatically and seamlessly directed to the outlet’s FavePay payment page. This will also ensure that customers do not pay to the wrong merchant. 

What should I do if I did not have the Fave QR code?

You may download your Fave QR over Favebiz by following the steps here.

In any case, you have misplaced your Fave QR code, you may reach out to Partner Management Team to request a new copy by providing the details below:

  • Business Name / Brand Name in Fave
  • Outlet Name
  • Reason of request
  • Delivery Address
  • PIC contact details

If you have any questions or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact our Fave Partner Management team at the following correspondence.

Live chat: Login to Favebiz > Support > Contact Us > Chat with us

Malaysia: partners.my@myfave.com 

Singapore: partners.sg@myfave.com