What is Favebiz Insights?

  • Favebiz Insights is a free and customized report that provides you with an overview of your business as well as deeper insights about your customers. 
  • With Favebiz Insights, you now have the information to zoom into your business at any day, week, or month, and take action to GROW your business with Fave - even when you’re on the go! Favebiz Insights takes data one step further by allowing you to act on your data through customized tips to increase sales for your business and GROW with Fave. 

Where can I find the Favebiz Insights Report?

  • You can view the Favebiz Insight Report from Favebiz Manager mode with the following steps.

FaveBiz App

  • Once login to Favebiz Manager, click on "Insights" from the HomePage.

  • It will be directed to a new window and you may will the FaveBiz Insights report here.

Favebiz Website

  • Once you login to FaveBiz Manager, click on "Summary" under Sales. Then click on the "FaveBiz Insights" column.

  • It will be directed to a new page and you may will the Favebiz Insights report here. At the top of the page, you can select the outlet and date range you would like to pull. Do not that Favebiz Insight can be pulled for only 2 months before. 

Note: Favebiz Insights might take longer time loading in the Favebiz app. Do check out FaveBiz Insights on the desktop for a better viewing experience.