What type of information does Favebiz Insights provide?

Favebiz Insights provides you with: 

  1. A monthly overview of your business performance with Fave, across FavePay, FaveDeals, and/or eCards.
  2. Deeper insights on customer demographics and customer trends: age, gender, new / returning customers, spending habits.
  3. Total sales, vouchers sold, redeemed as well as individual deals breakdown and performance.
  4. Customized tips for your business that you can take action on to Grow with Fave.

What's the difference between Favebiz Insights and Favebiz?

Favebiz is an app meant for viewing transactions and redemptions. Favebiz is your everyday app for verifying transactions, redeeming deals, and viewing the summary of transactions and retrieving financial statements from Fave. 

Favebiz Insights is a report which gives you analytics and actionable insights. Favebiz Insights takes data collection one step further by providing insights about your customer behaviour and actionable tips to help increase your sales and grow with Fave.

Why is the data shown on Favebiz Insights different from the data on Favebiz?

Data shown on Favebiz Insights are not processed in real-time. Data is refreshed after T+1 business days and includes cancellation and refund adjustments. When comparing/reconciling data on a day-to-day basis with Favebiz and Favebiz Insights, minor discrepancies will be expected. If the data discrepancy between Favebiz and Favebiz Insights is of concern, please reach out to our Partner Management team so that we can investigate further.

If you have any questions or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact our Fave Partner Management team at the following correspondence.

Live chat: Login to Favebiz > Support > Contact Us > Chat with us

Malaysia: partners.my@myfave.com 

Singapore: partners.sg@myfave.com