What is eCard?
It is a digital card that provides customers a bonus cashback everytime when customers purchase a partner eCard. The paid amount and bonus cashback will be instantly credited to customers' Fave account upon successful purchase.

Customers may also purchase an eCard and sent it as a gift to their family members or friends just like a gift card.

How does eCard works?

Step 1: Customer purchased an eCard from Fave app.

Step 2: The value will be reflected as a partner’s Cashback in the customer’s account

Step 3: Cashback will automatically be applied to customer’s purchase at your outlet(s)

How will eCard benefit merchants?

  • Upfront revenue 
  • Upselling for Customers (i.e. Customer may purchase a FaveDeal + eCard)
  • Guaranteed revenues without depending on breakage
  • Potential breakage (Merchant still earns even if Customer does not utilise eCard)
  • Customers might spend more than the purchased eCard(s) amount (leverage on FavePay model)

Which merchant is applicable for eCard?

  • eCard is applicable for all merchants who have a single as well as multiple bank account(s). 
  • eCard is only valid at outlets within the same country (MY / SG).
  • Merchants must be FavePay activated.

You may submit your application if you are interested in the eCard services. Please view below for more information on submitting an application.