To check that payment has been received, you can verify payments from the following ways:

  1. Your Favebiz app 

    1. You will receive a notification as usual from the Favebiz app for every successful transaction. 

    2. You can track and verify the source of each transaction from the Favebiz app.

  • On Favebiz, merchants will see DBS PayLah! The transaction reflected as “Guest” who “Paid via PayLah.”

  • While Singtel Dash payments will be reflected as “Guest” who “Paid via Dash.”

  1. Customers’ payment confirmation screen on the DBS PayLah! or Singtel Dash as proof of payment

  2. Customer’s Payment History page that can be found within the Fave Tile on DBS PayLah! or Singtel Dash app

Note: Payments from either DBS PayLah! or Singtel Dash made through FavePay’s SGQR will be settled by Fave.