Take the necessary steps to protect your FavePay QR from fraud risks

An ongoing onslaught of QR code fraud risks in China have shone a spotlight on the issue of security in mobile payments and sparked calls for the authorities to do more to protect consumers.

These fraudulent activities involve the legitimate merchants’ codes being replaced by a malevolent copy, where malicious software hides waiting to gain access to the consumers’ data, even going to the extent of raiding their bank accounts.

We want merchants like you to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your FavePay QR from any possible fraudulent instances.

Here’s what you can do

  1. Try scanning your FavePay QR with the Fave app and making a transaction to your outlet on a weekly or even daily basis.

  2. Ensure that the test transaction, including your customers’ transactions are well received on Favebiz.

    (Cancellation can be done on Favebiz within 24 hours)  

  3. In the unfortunate instance that the transactions do not go through, kindly reach out to us at partners.my@myfave.com (MY) or partners.sg@myfave.com (SG) and we will assist you to immediately replace your FavePay QR with a new one.