What is DuitNow QR?

  • DuitNow QR is an interoperable QR that can be scanned using any e-Wallets/ bank app.
  • Example of DuitNow QR by Fave:

What are the benefits of DuitNow QR by Fave? 

  • Reduced clutter on your POSM
    • By displaying the latest DuitNow QR by Fave on your storefront, you are able to accept payments from Fave users, all participating Banks, and e-Wallets. 
  • Keep costs down with less maintenance fees from multiple banks/e-Wallets
    • You will be charged the same Fave Fees % for DuitNow QR payments from all participating Banks and e-Wallets. No changes for FavePay payments. 
  • Reduced reconciliation overload
    • All DuitNow QR payments from multiple banks/e-Wallets will be recorded in the Statement of Accounts & FavePay excel files. It will be reflected on Favebiz for you to confirm the payments as well.

How does DuitNow QR works? What’s the customer flow?

  • Customer opens any participating Banks or eWallets mobile app
  • Scan the DuitNow QR code displayed at your store(s)
  • Make payment directly from the mobile app
  • Payment will be captured on Favebiz for you to confirm the payment

Does DuitNow QR work the same as the existing FavePay QR?

  • No. Existing FavePay QR only allows customers to use the Fave app to scan. Whereas, DuitNow QR allows customers with participating banks or e-wallet users to scan our Fave DuitNow QR to make payment.

Can I remain using the existing Fave QR without converting to DuitNow QR?

  • You may continue to display the existing Fave QR if you have yet to receive the DuitNow QR from Fave. However, it is compulsory for all Favepay merchants to convert the existing Fave QR to DuitNow QR as it is a requirement from Paynet (under Bank Negara Malaysia).

Can any customer earn Fave cashback by scanning the DuitNow QR?

  • No. Customers can only earn Fave cashback if they use the Fave app to scan the DuitNow QR.

If I already have DuitNow QR from other participating Banks or eWallet. Do I need to have Fave DuitNow QR? 

  • Yes. You will need to displays both DuitNow QR at your store as an error will occur if the customer scans another DuitNow QR code (e.g. Shopee DuitNow QR) that does not belong to Fave. At the moment, we are looking into the deployment of making this feature available to all Fave merchants. We will update you once it is deployed.