Yes, all successful Alipay transactions will be captured and recorded in the Statement of Account (SOA) and Excel Breakdown file that received based on your payment cadence. 

The payment for the Alipay transactions will be based on your payment cadence.

You will be able to see "Alipay" column in your Statement of Account (SOA) that recorded the total successful Alipay transactions made in the period and the amount that Fave will be made to your end.

Example SOA

Similar to the FavePay transactions, you will be able to view the breakdown of each Alipay transaction in the excel file. Do kindly note that the Alipay transaction excel file are sharing the same with FavePay excel file but under a different tab. You may click on the "Alipay" tab to view it.

Example FavePay Excel

If you have any questions or need help to cancel a transaction that more than 24hours, please do not hesitate to contact our Fave Partner Management team at the following correspondence.

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