What are the images dimensions suitable for my deals / logo?

The recommended sizes are as follows:

Logo : 500px x 500px

Deal / outlet images: 800px (Width) X 500px (Height), 300dpi resolution. Maximum of 10 body images in one deal/voucher.

Other requirements:

  1. Image format in JPEG, JPG, PNG or PDF only

  2. Working file in Ai is acceptable

  3. Strictly landscape/ horizontal images only

  4. image must be clean : strictly no collages, no montage, no images with texts, no graphic illustration, no marketing content(phone number, address, website etc)

  5. No images from the internet, Google Images or blogs eg. Pinterest, Zomato, TripAdvisor, TimeOut, Burpple etc*

  6. Merchant owned images only**

* We cannot assume any responsibility for any such third-party contents. The re-use of material from the internet can raise legal issues of privacy and copyright.

** Unless requested permission from the respective party to use the images.

Why is text not allowed on the image?

The images in the app are the small size of thumbnails. The text will be hard to read as it will be too small when viewed from the phone.

Why does the partner's logo have to be at the bottom left of image?

Sometimes there are several icons on other areas of the image and by putting the logo on the bottom left, it prevents overlapping with other icons.

Can I add a collage photo?

No, unfortunately you cannot add a collage photo as customers might not be able to view the image properly on the Fave app through mobile device.

What kind of images are added to the Offer Page?

The Offer Page images showcase images that are relevant to the deal. For set meal deals, only images of the set meal will be included, while for the buffet deals, images of the buffet menu items will be included. Beauty deals will include stock images of facial and other beauty treatments.

If you have any questions or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact our Fave Partner Management team at the following correspondence.

Live chat: Login to Favebiz > Support > Contact Us > Chat with us

Malaysia: partners.my@myfave.com 

Singapore: partners.sg@myfave.com