What is FavePay Online?

  • FavePay Online is a mobile payment method that allows customers to pay for their transaction on a merchants' online store / website. It also enables merchant to set up a loyalty program by issuing Cashback to customers which can be used in the following visit to the same merchant.

Who is eligible for FavePay Online?

  • Any registered business with an e-commerce are eligible.

How do I integrate my website to accept Favepay Online?

  • a. Existing Merchants
    • Reach out to your Business Development Manager.
  • b. New Merchants
    • Drop an email to below email to sign up for FavePay Online. Our Fave Business Development team will be in touch with next steps. 
    • MY: myfp.integration@myfave.com 
      SG: sgfp.integration@myfave.com 

How does FavePay Online works?

1. Customer made purchase via Desktop

Step 1: User can choose FavePay upon checkout. 

Step 2: Users will be redirected to a Fave webview which will render a dynamic QR code. Users can open the Fave app and scan to pay.

Step 3 [Hosted by Fave]: During the payment process, users will be able to track the progress of payment on the desktop.

Step 4 [Hosted by Fave]: Users will complete payment and earn cashback for use at their next purchase. 

2. Customer made purchase via Mobile with Fave App Installed

3. Customer made purchase via Mobile without Fave App Installed

How to cancel and/or refund a FavePay online transaction?

  • The cancellation process will remain the same as how it works with FavePay offline stores - Refer here. 

Do ensure that online outlet is selected while searching for the transaction to be cancelled.

Will there be any difference to the statement of Account (SOA) and payment cadence?

  • SOA and payment cadence remains the same as mentioned in your Fave contract - Refer here.

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