What is FavePay CardLink?

  • FavePay CardLink is a feature that allows customer to earn FavePay CardLink cashback at any participating merchants with a tap of their VISA card.

How does FavePay CardLink works?

  • Step 1: Customer has to link their VISA card to their Fave app
  • Step 2: Cusomer can tap, swipe or insert PIN to pay at any FavePay CardLink merchants outlet. 
  • Step 3: FavePay CardLink cashback will be credited to the customer's Fave account within the next 48 hours. 
  • Step 4: To utilize the FavePay CardLink cashback, customer can scan merchants' QR code using the Fave app and proceed with payment like they usually do.

Who is eligible for FavePay CardLink?

  • Any registered business in Singapore is eligible.

How do I sign up to offer FavePay CardLink?

a. Existing Merchants

  • Reach out to your Business Development Manager.

b. New Merchants

  • Sign up your Fave Merchant account via Favebiz and drop an email to partners.sg@myfave.com. Our Fave Business Development team will be in touch with next steps.

How do I receive the payment for FavePay CardLink transaction? 

  • FavePay CardLink transaction will be settled directly with the terminal provider to your business.

 Is there any additional charges to me as a merchant?

  • No additional payment fees - the Fave fees / MDR will not be charged on FavePay CardLink transactions. The FavePay CardLink cashback issued upon transaction will be deducted from the following payout according to merchant's payment cadence.

Will transaction be recorded in Favebiz?

  • No, transactions will not be recorded in Favebiz. A breakdown of FavePay CardLink cashback issued through FavePay CardLink transaction will be shown under FavePay excel. 

How to void or cancel the transaction?

  • You can only perform void or cancellation through the terminal instead of FaveBiz.

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