What is Fave x Google Pay?

  • A strategic partnership between Fave and Google Pay that enables Google Pay users in Singapore to scan FavePay SGQR codes at participating FavePay stores. This allows Google Pay to offer additional customer loyalty benefits to Google Pay customers, while boosting the discovery of new customers for Fave merchants 

How does Google Pay work?

  • All Google Pay users in Singapore can access and benefit from the Fave Loyalty Platform (FLP). 
  • Customers can simply open their Google Pay app and scan the FavePay SGQR code at the participating store. They will earn FavePay Cashback upon checkout.
  • Additionally, customers can view the FavePay Cashback that they have earned from the Google Pay app itself, and use it on their next payment at the same participating store via the Google Pay app.

How to verify a Google Pay transaction?

  • You will be able to view the Google Pay transactions on Favebiz on a real-time basis similar to FavePay transactions. It will be shown as “Paid via Google Pay '' on Favebiz

For more information on how to view a FavePay transaction, please refer to this article 

Will there be any changes to the Statement of Accounts and Fave Fees?

  • No. Transactions made via the Google Pay app will be reflected in Fave’s Statement of Account and listed as ordinary FavePay Transactions in the breakdown excel file.
  • Your original Fave Fees as agreed upon in your Fave Contract will remain the same.

What if a user has paid via GPay app, but the transaction is not reflected in the Favebiz app?

  • In the unlikely event that this occurs, the first step is to check the Payment Successful page on the customer’s GPay app.
  • To do this, Google Pay users in Singapore need to click into the FavePay QR payment to view the web receipt.

Kindly provide the product or service. Please reach out to our Fave Partner Management team at the following correspondence with the payment details along with the screenshot of the Fave Receipt ID (ie: 1234- 5678) and we will assist to investigate the issue.

What happens if a customer requests a refund for FavePay payments made via Google Pay app?

  • You can proceed to cancel the transaction within 24 hours as per the usual process through Favebiz. The charged amount will be refunded back to the customer's original payment method within 24 hours.
  • However, due to system limitations, there will be an error shown in Favebiz if cancel a Google Pay transaction immediately after the payment was made. The delay can be up to 10 mins or several hours.
  • Worry not, you may record down the receipt ID and perform the cancellation after 4 hours from the transactions made, Alternatively, you may contact our Fave Partner Management team to seek assistance.
  • For more information on how to cancel a FavePay transaction please refer to this article here.