What is Fave Feed?

  • A platform for merchants to actively engage with their customers through Feed Post. There are 2 types of Feed Post:
    • Announcement Post - For merchants on FavePay  
      • You may create an announcement post on Fave Feed to inform your customer regarding your business updates. ie. New dish or menu that you want everyone to try or even the opening of a new outlet across town.

    • Featured Post - For merchants with active Fave Deals and/or eCards
      • You may promote your active FaveDeals or eCards on Fave Feed to your customers to boost your sales. 

      • The previous post will be replaced when a new Featured Post is created

      • Feed Post featuring Deal/eCard that has exceeds the feature date will not be displayed in consumer app

How does Fave Feed benefit my business?

  • Your offers are now more visible to your customers as they can easily discover new offers under Fave Feed on the Fave App.

  • On the Favebiz App you will find more insights on your feed post performance to help you make informed decisions for future marketing plans. 

Favebiz App:

Post insights

What is Feed Post Insights?

  • Feed post insights allow you to evaluate your feed performance. You can use this data to analyze your post-performance to help you make informed decisions for future marketing plans. 

What data can be viewed in Feed Post Insights?

  • Total views of the post

  • Total number of customers who faved your business

  • Total number of posts shared

  • Total number of post hided

Favebiz Web:

Favebiz App: