What are the Feed Post Guidelines?

  • Feed Post should not violate our feed content & images guidelines 
  • High Resolution Images (Recommended: 800 x 500 px) & max. 10MB
  • Max. 5 photos per post
  • A maximum of 200 characters per post
  • Limit 1 Feed Post per day per outlet

What are the Feed Content Violation Guidelines?

Violating Content Types


Nudity or Pornographics content

Any form of pornography or excessively explicit content is not allowed.

Harmful, Hateful or violent content

Harmful, hateful, violent, or gory content, e.g. encouraging others to engage in dangerous behaviours, grossly shocking or violent or bloody content, any content that preaches or condones atrocities against individuals or different groups.

Junk feeds

Accidental uploads of incomplete/irrelevant content to feed postings.

Promoting information/products

of external websites

Merchants are not allowed to direct transactions/traffic out of Fave. Feed Post cannot include information, promotion, weblink & logo of other eCommerce platforms.

Duplicate Post

Any duplicated post with the same content within the same day.

Note: Your post will be removed from Fave Feed if it violates the content guidelines.

What are the Feed Image Guidelines?



Image File Format

JPEG, JPG, PNG only.

No Overcrowded Layout/ Messy Collage

Refers to various different visual elements combined into an image. This is not allowed as it will look cluttered and unprofessional. 


Landscape/ Horizontal Image only

Images uploaded must be landscape/horizontal layout.

No Third Party's images

Images that are taken from third parties platforms such as Google, Blogs, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Grab, FoodPanda, TimeOut, KL Foodie & etc are not allowed.


Good Quality Images Only

Visual is well presented in good composition, great lighting and pleasing colour or tone.

Example of Good Quality Image:

Example of Bad Quality Images:

Note: Your post will be removed from Fave Feed if it violates the image guidelines.

How do I get notified if my post is flagged/removed?

  • You will be notified via an email from Fave. You can find your post in the inactive tab and a banner will be indicated on top of the Post in Favebiz as well. Worry not, you may edit your post and submit a request to upload the post on Fave Feed again.

What should I do if my post is flagged/removed from Fave Feed?

  • You may edit your post on Favebiz and ensure that the edited post follows the Content and Image Guidelines. The edited post will be reviewed and it will go live once approved by the Partner Management Team. 
  • Alternatively, you may contact the Partner Management Team via livechat or drop an email at partners.my@myfave.com (MY) / partners.sg@myfave.com for assistance.