The issue could be due to the service provider issue whereby the service provider (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft, etc.) blocks you from receiving emails from (this email is the one that send you the Report). Hence, in order to rectify this issue, you have to contact your service provider to unblock our email and mark it as "Safe".

You may also try the following steps to ensure the email does not end up in your Spam folder.


Microsoft Outlook

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App.

  2. At the top of the page, select Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud > Mail.

  3. Under Options, select Block or allow.

  4. To add an entry to Safe senders and recipients, enter in the Enter a sender or domain here text box, and then press Enter.

  5. Select Save to save your changes.


1. Open the Gmail website from your computer

2. In the search box at the top, select the Down arrow

3. In the From field, enter

4. At the bottom of the search window, click Create filter

5. Select Never send it to Spam

6. Click Create filter


 1. Login to Yahoo! Mail and select Settings 

2. Scroll down the menu and select 'More settings':

3. In the left-hand menu select 'Filters':

4. Select 'Add new filters':

5. Type a name for your filter; eg "Fave"

6. Under 'Set rules', select 'From' as the rule.

7. Input the email address to whitelist all emails that come from this address.

8. Under 'Choose a folder to move to' select 'Inbox'. This ensures that all emails will arrive in the inbox and never be sent to spam:

9. Click Save.